Are android Tv boxes legal?

Still wondering should you buy the latest android TV boxes are not. Are you worried that they are illegal or maybe you don’t have the complete information on whether they can be legally used or not, this article is the do it all for you and will remove all your doubts.

According to www.androidtvaustralia.com court proceedings might declare KODI as illegal or legal but you don’t need to worry as android TV boxes are not illegal and perfectly legal for household use. The smart boxes that allow you to stream online data are perfectly legal. If you go by the logic of making streaming content illegal, all the PC’S, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops would also be illegal.

However, it doesn’t mean you can save or record paid pay per views permanently because that would be without any doubts illegal. This is the reason why the cable companies are suing these throat cutters of cable earners. The monopoly has been cut down, and the cable companies are turning laws upside down to save themselves from becoming a thing of past.

Well washing the stain of the apron, they are perfectly legal and can be used from day to day lives in your living rooms or any place. Law is different in different places. China has banned the use of Facebook in its country which is without any doubt legal in most of the countries. So, basically, laws in the different country vary. So, foremost you need to pay heed about the laws in your state or country and do they play along with the Android TV boxes that you buy. An android TV box is just like your android device. The box has access to all your files and folders and can run websites through its browsers and why worry when it can even give you several add-ons to stream many channels across different countries.