UV vs LED Nail Lamps?

Using gels, polishes, fake nails, acrylic nails, and nail extensions are all quite the norm. But it takes work and effort to keep such nails in place and to flaunt them well. which is why one needs nail lamps. Treating and curing your freshly manicured nails under a nail lamp ensures that they stay put for long and retain their glossy shine.

Understanding UV Nail Lamps:

UV nail lamps are nothing but instruments that are designed to cure nail paints to get them to sit well on your nails. UV nail lamps work best for any type of nail pains, be it gel, acrylic, or any other type of nail polish. There is no such rule regarding using UV nail lamps for only certain recommended nail polishes.

Time taken to cure:

For curing your nails under the UV nail lamp, you may need to expose it to the light for as long as 90 seconds to 2 minutes according to www.nailbooth.co.uk. Most UV nail lamps allow only 4 fingers to be placed at a time. While some may even accommodate thumbs and two hands, most can only take in 4 fingernails.

Cost effective:

Getting a UV nail lamp is much more economically feasible than getting an LED nail lamp. Especially if you get your nails done on a frequent basis, it is much better to get home such a machine than to keep going to the salon professionals.


Although UV nail lamps cost less than LED nail lamps, they are less effective than the latter. They use more energy for working, are less eco-friendly, and are also not quite effective.

Bulb life:

The bulb life of the UV nail lamps are longer then one would expect them to be. They typically run for a 10,000 hours before needing a replacement.  Some bulbs may even last longer or shorter, depending on the usage. However, it is always recommended that your UV nail lamps be replaced every one year.

Summing it up:

True that using nail lamps is not mandatory, but using them will only ensure your benefit. You will be better able to retain the gorgeous look of your nails for long and will be able to flaunt the flawless look better. Having said that, make sure you only use UV nail lamps when you are getting your nails done for important occasions. Regular use of UV radiators is known to have adverse effects on your skin in the long run.


The YI 4K action camera Review

The YI 4K action camera has taken the world by storm in recent months as it has gotten 4.5/5 star reviews on multiple big review websites. For those of you who are not familiar it is an action camera that can record in 4K which is a relatively new feature on action cameras. This could mark the new era of the action camera as they become more and more advanced. This is one of many new industries that he that has been created with the ever changing technology available.

Many people are using these cameras when going no vacation as it is a great way to record your life experience. The YI 4k camera is the first camera that is affordable with this 4K technology. Until this camera was released you could only get very basic action cameras which did have HD but not as powerful a camera and not as many camera shooting modes as the YI camera has.

Some other features that this camera has is it comes with it’s own 2inch screen something that many other cameras don’t have, particularly in this price range. The most important thing that this camera has is a 16 megapixel Sony camera which is very impressive again this particular price point. Another point worth mentioning is that this camera comes with a very high quality bluetooth selfie stick which is usually price at £49.99 on it’s own so this too is increasing the value of the camera. There is also the option of adding a waterproof case to the camera which is a good option to have especially if traveling somewhere exotic where you might be doing snorkeling tours and other cool activities you would like to share with family and friends.


The benefits of having a Golf Range Finder

Those of you who golf will know that judging distance is essential to your success on each and every hole. Traditionally this is done using local knowledge and physical objects such as trees and other course features but this is not always accurate and can lead you to using the wrong club for the job. Over the last few years a device known as a laser range finder have become affordable and are now widely popular among golfers who use this device to judge the distance which helps with club selection as well as determining how much power to put into a shot.

There are many benefits to having a golf range finder including judging the distance for your next shot. This can also help you get an idea of how much distance you have for each club as over time you will be able to take note of how much under or over your shot to your desired location. This will help judge distance better naturally over time. You will be able to get a picture of how far you can hit with each club and this will help give you confidence in your decision making and club selection which is a big part of golf.

Most modern golf range finders like the Dekoproducts golf range finder also have a slope measure which means that it takes the down hill or up hill slope into account so you can take that into your consideration when judging the distance. A golf range finder will also help you speed up your game as there will be less time making rough estimates and it takes just a few seconds to get an accurate measurement of where you are to the hole.











Best Kodi Android TV Box of 2018?

Ok so 2018 is still young as we write this post in late February but already there has been a few big changes in the world of Kodi and android TV boxes. Kodi is not on version 17 which is known as Krypton and it is getting more advanced with each version. Android is now on operating system 7 which has had some problems but we will leave that for another post. It is important to point out that every android TV box can run Kodi but they won’t all be able to run the same the same.

android boxBoxes with a lower spec will struggle to run Kodi even though they are advertised as Kodi TV boxes. Kodi is a very heavy resource hogging app and trying to run it on a lower spec TV box is not the best idea. Sure it will work but it won’t run as smooth as you would like and as Kodi begins to run updates in the background everything will slow down or worse yet crash regularly.

We would always recommend a box with a quad core processor to run Kodi on or better yet an octa core processor android box. A box such as the T95Z Plus sold by www.androidtvboxes.com.au which has an octa core processor and runs on android 7.1 is very recommended and has become one of the most popular boxes on the market.

So buyer beware and like with everything in life you get what you pay for. A good box with a quad core processor will be no means break the bank and might only cost you about $150 so it is worth paying the extra little bit to get a better quality box that will run smoothly and not end up in the bin.



Turn Any Television Into a ‘Smart TV’ With an Android TV Box

Smart TV is one of the popular applications of modern day science and technology. A smart tv is basically a hybrid TV from where you can watch your regular television channels, and you can get some other important applications as well. Like with the help of a smart TV you can connect to the internet, or you can get access to different social networking sites. But the problem is not every person can afford a smart TV box because buying a smart tv can cause a hefty strike on your pocket. And you may not be comfortable with it.

Smart tv boxSo, if you have a limited amount of budget and if you are looking to get most of the features of a smart tv then android tv box is something which can be really ideal for you. This box is available at a much lower price compared to other smart TVs, but it can provide you most of the features of a smart tv.

With the help of an android smart tv, you can get a full display of android on your tv screen. And you can get many benefits of the Android operating system on your tv with the help of this box. So now you can understand that this particular box can be really helpful for you if you want to turn your TV into a smart tv and all at a very cheap cost.

What you can do with an Android TV box:

As discussed earlier, an android tv box can give you almost all the features of android on your tv. Like you can watch different movies or different sports shows with the help of an android box, and you don’t have to pay a dollar to subscribe to it. So you are getting all those features pretty much for free. With the help of an android tv box, you can get access to some other important features as well like you can browse through the internet whenever you want, or you can connect with different social media as well. And the most important point is you don’t have to pay any extra money for internet subscription tv. You can connect your laptop or mobile with your tv in case if you want an internet connection on your tv.

The setup process of an android tv box is also not so difficult. All you have to is connect that android tv box with the proper power source and then you have to connect it to the HDMI port of your tv. If your TV does not have any HDMI ports, then, unfortunately, android tv box won’t support on your TV.

How to get an Android TV box?

As android tv box is getting quite popular in recent times, so, finding an android tv box won’t be a big problem. You can find it from any popular online stores, or you can get it from any physical stores as well. But before buying it, you have to make sure that the box is functioning properly.