Interested To Hear What People Think About Electric Scooters in Ireland?

So this isn’t really a history related post but I am very interested to see what people think on the topic as there seems to be a bit of a buzz on forums like and reddit about this topic. The topic I am referring to if you hadn’t guessed by the title is of course electric scooters. For some reason these seem to get people really worked up whether it is defending them or saying that they should not be on the roads etc. I have no idea why this is such a divisive topic so I am interested in and hoping to get some comments on what people think on these.

electric scooter law ireland

I commute about 40 minutes to work each day and the last bit of my commute is a ten minute walk so one of these electric scooters could be just what I need for the last bit of my commute each day. I have read crazy stories about fines given for having these on the roads, not in Ireland but in other countries around the world. Obviously these are piped up by the media or maybe a propaganda campaign by law enforcement to show their tough stance on these scooters.

Are electric scooters legal in Ireland?

I have done a bit of research on the topic and by that I mean I have Googled to see what the story on them is in Ireland. According to one site over at they are indeed legal as they require a push off to start the journey. Other people on reddit are saying that they are still illegal and have to be taxed to be on the road. Other sources say that they will be legalised fully soon and that they are trying to figure out the best way of dealing with the new electric scooters.

In my opinion they seem great and I can’t see any downside to them apart from accidents but that happens with bikes too so that is not really a reason to not legalize them. Interested to know if anyone uses them regularly and what the pros and cons are in their opinion? Thanks and I will be back with some more history soon!