The YI 4K action camera Review

The YI 4K action camera has taken the world by storm in recent months as it has gotten 4.5/5 star reviews on multiple big review websites. For those of you who are not familiar it is an action camera that can record in 4K which is a relatively new feature on action cameras. This could mark the new era of the action camera as they become more and more advanced. This is one of many new industries that he that has been created with the ever changing technology available.

Many people are using these cameras when going no vacation as it is a great way to record your life experience. The YI 4k camera is the first camera that is affordable with this 4K technology. Until this camera was released you could only get very basic action cameras which did have HD but not as powerful a camera and not as many camera shooting modes as the YI camera has.

Some other features that this camera has is it comes with it’s own 2inch screen something that many other cameras don’t have, particularly in this price range. The most important thing that this camera has is a 16 megapixel Sony camera which is very impressive again this particular price point. Another point worth mentioning is that this camera comes with a very high quality bluetooth selfie stick which is usually price at £49.99 on it’s own so this too is increasing the value of the camera. There is also the option of adding a waterproof case to the camera which is a good option to have especially if traveling somewhere exotic where you might be doing snorkeling tours and other cool activities you would like to share with family and friends.