UV vs LED Nail Lamps?

Using gels, polishes, fake nails, acrylic nails, and nail extensions are all quite the norm. But it takes work and effort to keep such nails in place and to flaunt them well. which is why one needs nail lamps. Treating and curing your freshly manicured nails under a nail lamp ensures that they stay put for long and retain their glossy shine.

Understanding UV Nail Lamps:

UV nail lamps are nothing but instruments that are designed to cure nail paints to get them to sit well on your nails. UV nail lamps work best for any type of nail pains, be it gel, acrylic, or any other type of nail polish. There is no such rule regarding using UV nail lamps for only certain recommended nail polishes.

Time taken to cure:

For curing your nails under the UV nail lamp, you may need to expose it to the light for as long as 90 seconds to 2 minutes according to www.nailbooth.co.uk. Most UV nail lamps allow only 4 fingers to be placed at a time. While some may even accommodate thumbs and two hands, most can only take in 4 fingernails.

Cost effective:

Getting a UV nail lamp is much more economically feasible than getting an LED nail lamp. Especially if you get your nails done on a frequent basis, it is much better to get home such a machine than to keep going to the salon professionals.


Although UV nail lamps cost less than LED nail lamps, they are less effective than the latter. They use more energy for working, are less eco-friendly, and are also not quite effective.

Bulb life:

The bulb life of the UV nail lamps are longer then one would expect them to be. They typically run for a 10,000 hours before needing a replacement.  Some bulbs may even last longer or shorter, depending on the usage. However, it is always recommended that your UV nail lamps be replaced every one year.

Summing it up:

True that using nail lamps is not mandatory, but using them will only ensure your benefit. You will be better able to retain the gorgeous look of your nails for long and will be able to flaunt the flawless look better. Having said that, make sure you only use UV nail lamps when you are getting your nails done for important occasions. Regular use of UV radiators is known to have adverse effects on your skin in the long run.