What does a freesat dreambox do?

Freesat is the name given to the free to air channels in the UK channels. Freesat is what it sounds like…free to air satellite TV channels! Freesat was launched way back at the end of 2009 and many people are still only finding out the possibilities of getting freesat and cancelling their expensive TV subscriptions. You can access over 200 channels using freesat and the Irish version which is known as saorview. To view freesat you need a freesat receiver box or a freesat box and also a satellite dish. Most freesat boxes will now work with your existing satellite dish for example the sky satellite dish. However to view both the Irish and UK free to air channels you will need what is known as a combo receiver box. This means that it can receive tuning from both the UK and Irish channels.

dreambox freesat box

There are many options when it comes to which box to get and the dreambox has proved quite popular these days as well as the openbox and combo boxes. It can be quite confusing when shopping for a dreambox receiver. The main things to look for are storage space (if it has any or needs and external hard drive), HD capabilities and also TV guide setup. Most boxes will allow for an external hard drive to be connected so that you can record more programs and TV shows. Well as we have noted you do need a satellite dish that is pointed south easy and then of course your dreambox or freesat receiver.